Keto Oils

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Living the keto life has never been easier with these premium expeller-pressed and cold-pressed oils from Spectrum Culinary.

Use with any of our low-carb meals in our Keto Collection to boost the fat content of your meals. Or combine with our protein packs and your choice of low-carb veggies to build your own keto-friendly meals.

Organic Unrefined Extra Virgin Olive Oil. 100% organic and 100% first cold pressed, with a robust, fruity aroma and rich nutty flavor for sautéing and dressings. Smoke point 325°F.

Refined Avocado Oil. A wonderful source of monounsaturated fats that’s a delicious choice for roasting, sautéing, and dressings. Smoke point 450°F.

Refined Almond Oil. An excellent source of monounsaturated fat with a pure, clean flavor that’s perfect for sautéing and baking. Smoke point 460°F. 

Non-GMO Project Verified