A New Way to Keto

without counting macros


Cutting-Edge Keto Made Easy

No cooking required.



Order by Tuesday, 6-8 at 11:59 PM CST for delivery on Friday, 6-11.

What's in The Keto Box

3 Keto Meals Per Day

Chef-Prepared Proteins

Grass-Fed Beef Burger
All-Natural Chicken Breast
Organic Free-Range Turkey Meatballs

High-Quality Fats

Olive Oil
Macadamia Nut Oil

Avocado Oil

Keto Snacks

1 Keto Cookie
1 TBSP Macadamia Nut Butter

how to use

Reheat 1 serving of chef-prepared protein + combine with 2 TBSP of oil*
*we recommend adding your own low-carb veggies

"I was able to get into ketosis in two days!"

I contribute my quick transition to how carefully the nutritionists at Metabolic Meals planned the macro and fat ratios.

- KellEy B.

Why It Works

Our nutrition teams takes the guesswork out of the keto diet.

The Keto Box is designed with fully-cooked protein and healthy fats in the exact amounts you need, making it easier to get into ketosis without counting macros.

When fat is your body’s main source of energy, you should focus on monosaturated fat as your primary fuel. According to nutrition researcher Dr. Jeff Volek, this is because the body prefers to use monounsaturated fat from an evolutionary standpoint. Dr. Volek discovered that these fatty acid levels mimic very closely the human body’s natural fat cell composition.

Keto Box Fat Balance

Why You'll Love It

Chef-Prepared Proteins

Our chefs freshly prepare the highest quality proteins as the foundation for easy keto meals, ready in minutes.

Add Variety to Suit
Your Personal Tastes

Customize your meals by adding your favorite low-carb vegetables.

Convenient Delivery
on Fridays

Enjoy for the week ahead - proteins last for 5-7 days in the fridge

Free Keto Recipe eBook

When you combine this collection of 25 keto-friendly recipes with our chef-prepared proteins and high-quality fats, you can have a variety of keto meals on the table in 15 minutes or less.

The ideal plan for people who are:

New to Keto

wanting confidence that
they're doing it RIGHT

Keto Pros

needing convenience
and quality

800+ Verified Reviews

"This makes my keto diet way easier and super convenient!"

- Sara E.

“I love the ingredient quality. Organic, grass-fed - this is a huge priority for me. ”

- Lisa H.

"Time saved! The absolute best part of the lifestyle is that I do not have to shop or cook."

- Michael H.


When will I get my order?

Orders placed by Tuesday, June 8 at 11:59 PM CST will be delivered the following Friday, June 11.

A tracking number will be emailed to you when your package ships.

Your shipment will arrive in a temperature controlled box with biodegradable packaging to keep your meals fresh and cold. 

How long does the Keto Box stay fresh after delivery?

Your Keto Box will stay fresh and tasty in the fridge for 5-7 days after delivery!We use MAP packaging to gain a couple extra days of shelf life without the need for any artificial preservatives. 

If you don’t eat one of your proteins within 7 days, you can freeze them for up to 3 months.

Is there any cooking involved?

For the proteins, no cooking is required! Our chefs already did that for you. All you’ll need to do is a quick re-heat. 

Options include:
Microwave for 2-3 minutes 
Oven: 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until you reach an internal temp of 165
(please use an oven safe dish)

We suggested combining the proteins + fats with your own low-carb veggies. The Keto Box includes a free recipe e-book with all recipes ready in under 15 minutes.

How many people does the Keto Box feed?

The Keto Box is designed for one person for either 5 or 7 days, 3 meals per day, plus 2 snacks per day.

Is this a subscription?

Only if you want to save 10 percent!  Otherwise, feel free to make a 1x purchase and order again whenever you prefer. 

If you Subscribe & Save, you can choose how often you receive a delivery. Modify your schedule or cancel anytime.

If I choose a subscription, how do I manage it?

When you enroll in our Keto Box subscription, you will be prompted to create an account.

In your account section, it's easy to:

- Change delivery frequency

- Skip deliveries

- Cancel anytime

All deliveries will arrive on Fridays, according to your frequency schedule (once a week, once a month, etc.). 

The deadline to skip a delivery is Sunday at 11:59 PM CST. For example, for a delivery scheduled for Friday, January 10, your deadline to skip is Sunday, January 5.

How is nutritional information figured?

Nutritional information is calculated based on our standardized recipes. Because our products are handcrafted, exact information may vary. Data is calculated using USDA FoodData Central, an integrated data system hosted by the National Agricultural Library that provides expanded nutrient profile data and links to related agricultural and experimental research. Nutritional data is then rounded to meet FDA regulations.

Do you use any GMOs?

We try to only source ingredients from companies enrolled in the Non-GMO Project which greatly reduces the likelihood of buying GMO ingredients. At the time of writing, this is the only organization offering independent verification of products in the US and Canada.

Can I recycle my box and packaging materials?

Yes, you can. Our boxes are made from recycled cardboard and can be recycled the same as any other cardboard product. 

The soft liner is made from a recycled cotton blend and is completely biodegradable. The ice packs contain a food-safe, non-toxic, and water-soluble gel solution. This solution can be emptied into the trash, and the case can be recycled. We DO NOT recommend emptying the solution down the drain. 

Our meal containers are BPA-free and recyclable as well.

Disclaimer: We advise you to always seek the advice of your own doctor/physician, nurse practitioner or another health care professional regarding questions or concerns about your specific health situation when making any dietary changes.

Nutrition Facts

Daily Keto Box Macros 

1706 Calories, 146g Fat, 85g Protein, 13g Carbs

(average, from box contents only)


4 oz. Grilled Chicken Breasts


All-Natural Chicken, Sea Salt, Black Pepper, Olive Oil


Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.

4 oz. Grass-Fed Beef Burgers


Grass-Fed Beef, Sea Salt, Black Pepper


Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.

2 Organic Free-Range Turkey Meatballs


Organic Free-Range Ground Turkey, Onions, Free-Range Eggs, Tapioca Flour, Tomato Paste, Raw Almond Meal, Garlic Powder, Ground Black Pepper, Ground Fennel, Dried Oregano, Ground Rosemary, Sea Salt


Tree Nuts, Eggs

Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.


Keto Cookie


Raw Almond Flour, Almond Butter, Free-Range Eggs, Butter, Organic Palm Shortening, Non-GMO Monk Fruit Sweetener, Baking Soda, Baking Powder, Sea Salt


Dairy, Eggs, Tree Nuts

Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.

Macadamia Nut Butters

Macadamia with Sea Salt 

Salted Chocolate Macadamia 

Macadamia Pecan with Sea Salt Macadamia with Coconut


Tree Nuts

Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.


Olive Oil


Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.

Avocado Oil


Extra Virgin Avocado Oil


Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.

Macadamia Nut Oil


Macadamia Nut Oil, d-Alpha Tocopherol (Vitamin E)


Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.