2 pack of Organic Turkey Burger Patties

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Turkey burgers are a delicious and healthy option to mix it up from the traditional beef burger, but it’s hard to make them right. Because of the natural leanness of turkey meat, the patties can easily dry out during the cooking process. Well guess what? We have perfected the method.

Our new-and-improved Organic Turkey Burgers start with all-natural, free-range ground turkey that’s been lightly seasoned to bring out the natural flavors. The patties are chargrilled just long enough to caramelize the outside and maintain the juiciness inside. And because our burgers come in fully-cooked 2-packs, you can get creative with ways to enjoy them. Take them to work to liven up lunch, eat them on a gluten-free bun, over a bed of garden-fresh greens, or use them for quick post-workout protein.


Organic Free-Range Turkey, Olive Oil, Arrowroot, Sea Salt, Spices



Made in a facility that processes Tree Nuts, Fish and Shellfish.